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SAP Basis is a IT skill. This is very demanding in IT companies. Basis consultant requirement is always high and there are very less numbers of good experience Basis consultants available in IT market. This make SAP Basis high paying job. Many times it is been asked how to become a Basis Consultant. There are many SAP training institutes which are providing BASIS training, but most of them doesn’t have good infrastructure available with them to give live practical training. It is very important for Basis Consultant to have hands on experience on live servers. There are good Institutes are available like Siemens, Genovate and NIIT. This institutes are having good infrastructure to provide to work real scenarios. As a fresher one can also go into SAP BASIS, many IT companies are there which recruit people from Campus provide them In house training in SAP BASIS. But most important for a Basis Consultant is to have hands on experience on Live Production Servers. Because every scenario could not be created in Training Environment or by Installing SAP at home. I have seen many people which show many year of experience but in actual they don’t have proper knowledge. Three most important things are required to be a good Basis consultant. 1. Good knowledge of OS (Unix, Linux and Windows). Having good knowledge of makes a consultant resolve issue very fast and he can do deep analysis on any problem which related to OS side. Unix experience is very advantage in Basis Side, because most company use Unix/Linux servers in there landscapes. 2. Any Database knowledge is very helpful to a consultant like Oracle, DB2 and Maxdb etc. It gives added advantage in anybody career. Because in day to day scenarios one can face mostly DB related issue. 3. Third important point is overall SAP knowledge, about its architecture, how its work?. How transaction works and etc There are many sites available in Internet where one get learn SAP Basis. Most important site is SAP SDN, where you can get latest information about SAP. There are many forums available and while paper available in SDN. Contact US: Flaxit Online Training , USA:+1 720-463-3800, Email id: info.flaxit@gmail.com. http://www.flaxit.com/sap-basis-online-training/

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